Putting the Blue in BlueCat

In like a mothertrucker!

Every month I put out a company newsletter to potential investors and “friends of Deliberate Productions” to offer the latest information on the indie movie-making scene as well as update folks on my latest information.  And no sooner had I reported my trifecta showing in the BlueCat Screenplay Competition quarterfinals than the semifinalist list came out.  And not one of my three scripts was on it. <HEAVY SIGH>  Yes, this is the potential pain of having three horses in the race – there’s no guarantee any of them will win, place, or show. (Unless, of course, it’s a three-horse race.)

What a way to start March.

I thought for sure BENEATH THE SURFACE or BLACK SEA ROSE might at least squeak by since they’ve done well in other contests and I consistently receive good feedback on them. (I’ve come to realize AUNT MOLLY’S MELTDOWN is the Seth MacFarlane of my scripts – people either love it or hate it.)  Of course, post-results the usual refrain of rejection swirled in my head.  And one prevalent question emerged: Am I good but not good enough?  When it comes to these contests I always seem to be a bridesmaid, never a bride.  What is missing in my writing to propel me from good to great?

I’ve mentioned rejection many times before and I definitely feel like I’ve gotten used to it, unwelcome guest though it is.  But the key to rejection comes in figuring out what you’ll learn from it and how you’ll move forward.  Giving up is not an option.  Getting better is.


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