Fuzzy and Fatigued

It’s been a long week.  After I finished my blog post late Tuesday night, I experienced a sudden burst of energy that kept me up way beyond the pumpkin-turning-into point.  And while I could have recovered the following evening, I had celebrating to do.  For the Nickelodeon show I currently work on will soon be appearing on televisions across the land.  Yes, the world is about to meet Dudley Puppy!

TUNE IN next Saturday, 10/2, at 11:30 a.m.!!!

On Wednesday evening our T.U.F.F. PUPPY crew and cast gathered at a cool club in Studio City to make merry over the launch of our new animated series.  We shared the event with another show premiering on the same day, Planet Sheen – a sure-to-be-hilarious spin-off of the highly popular Jimmy Neutron series.  Since Nickelodeon attracts some of the greatest human beings ever to work at an animation studio, the evening was a full-on funfest.   Deafening deejay tunes, bubbly beverages, and cartoony colleagues made the night a memorable one.

Thanks for the memories, Mark!

Needless to say, Thursday was a bit of a slog.  Today was mildly better. (Co-Party Planner Joanna and I tried to dissuade a mid-week fete for good reason!)  And now I have a big working weekend ahead of me.  With my fundraising travels on the horizon, it’s time to finalize the business plan and polish up that power point presentation.

So on that note, I am going to close the door on the week and issue a hearty:

Love to love you, baby!

Good night, all.  Happy weekending!

P.S. Mr. Coppola (my director-friend) was invited to the party, but couldn’t make it.  I hope to have an update in the near future, though.

NEXT UP: Deliberate Productions lands a Legal Eagle!

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