Happy Bloggyversary!

Yes, with this, my 75th post, I have hit the one-year mark of maintaining this here blog.  Wowsers.  It was a year ago today that I declared my creative independence and stated my intention to make an independent film.  Of course, I was hoping to be in the thick of said filmmaking at this point, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past year it’s that there is no clear course for getting it done.  So much of it requires timing, luck, and LOTS of persistence.  I have definitely made loads of progress, though, and I’m learning a lot and meeting some great people.  I’m also reconnecting with some great people, which probably wouldn’t have happened had I not initiated this new chapter in my life.

An Explosion of Life Lessons

This recent trip to Madison has been one of my busiest and most productive – and that’s not just because I’ve been staying with my Bieber-feverish nieces.  In fact, it’s been such a constructive trip that I will be returning to America’s Dairyland in a few weeks for an extended stay.  Momentum is building and Executive Producer Dad wants me to be more accessible for those potential investor meetings.  And, frankly, when will I get the opportunity to enjoy weeks of a beautiful Wisconsin summer again? (Hopefully, when I’m here to shoot Beneath the Surface, right?)  I am going to pack up my beloved Prius and road trip out here with VP Babs (what a trooper!) and faithful dog, Lucy.  Sophia, the cat, will stay in Pasadena to hold down the fort and keep an eye on the wild parrots who like to congregate in the palm trees outside our window.  I haven’t driven across the country since I moved out to Los Angeles in 1991, so I’m sure that will be an experience worthy of a blog entry or two.  Babs, get those iPod playlists ready!

Ready to Roll

There are a few things I would have done differently over the past year and I continue to be astonished by the assortment experiences I’ve accrued during this process, but I will save my ruminations for a future post.  For now, I will toast you, my beloved readers, for your support and interest in this collective adventure.  Thanks for hanging out with me and I hope we have more bloggy years to come.  Cheers!

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