I Packed. I Taped. I Conquered.

Hello, dear Readers! So sorry I’ve been off the grid for the past two weeks. I have been immersed in boxes and bubble wrap: yes, Deliberate Productions has officially relocated. And now I feel like Andy Dufresne in “Shawshank Redemption” as I finally rise out of the muck of the last week and come up for air.

Granted, I’ve moved from Pasadena to South Pasadena so it’s not exactly a cross-country journey. In fact, it’s about a two minute drive from the old place to the new one. But when you sign a lease on a Thursday because you have to move by the following Tuesday, the undertaking feels monumental. Especially if you’re anything like me and have ten plus years of accumulated stuff/chotchkie/junk to sort through.

It was certainly a learning experience and I intend to share more of my meaningless observations with you, but I’m afraid those blog entries will have to come early next week for, alas, I am without Internet service until Monday. (Oh, the humanity!) and as much as I enjoy typing on my beloved iPhone, it’s a bit slow-going and inefficient. And I don’t know how to incorporate photos from this particular platform and choosing pictures is one of my favorite parts about blogging. (Thank you, Google, for introducing me to a beautiful abundance of Keanu snapshots!)

So please be patient with me, friends, and I promise I’ll be back…with a bloggy vengeance!

NEXT UP: From Here to There

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