Out with the Old

I have some final thoughts on moving since it ended up being such a learning experience for me after nearly a decade of being in one location.  If my lessons can serve as a cautionary tale for those of you gearing up for such an exercise, then I will feel like ye olde bloggy has served a purpose beyond simply chronicling my filmmaking exploits.  I have a number of take-aways from my move that I figured I’d share with you, so here goes:

  1. If you’re moving or even thinking about moving, START PURGING AND PACKING NOW!  I had my place on the market for seven months, but waited until the six days before the “Let’s Move It” truck arrived to truly take an inventory of my stuff.  After all, I was determined not to move anything into my new abode that was not going to serve an essential purpose.  And guess what?  I had LOADS of non-essential stuff to sort through.  Not fun.  (“Let’s Move it” is a GREAT moving company, by the way!  I highly recommend them for all of your relocating needs.)
  2. Did I really need to hold onto ALL of those documents/bills/paycheck stubs?  I had checks dating back to my days at Disney TV Animation, for godssakes.  And since my social security number is plastered all over them, I had to invest in a shedder so they could be properly disposed of.  I think the worst item I came across was an instruction manual for a pencil sharpener.  A PENCIL SHARPENER.  Deirdre, Deirdre, Deirdre…your anal-retentive ways know no bounds!
  3. Chotchkie, Chotchkie, Chotchkie!!!  So much to give away.  I hope the kind shoppers at the Out of the Closet thrift store enjoy all of the vases, votive holders, mugs, and picture frames that I accumulated through the years.  NEW RULE: If something new comes into my house, something old goes out!
  4. Prepare to be merciless when ridding yourself of the aforementioned items.  A lot of the items I was holding onto were for potential undertakings that never even happened.  Yes, friends, I will not be hosting a fondue party or knitting you scarves as gifts anytime soon.
  5. Stock up on dust wipes because there will be dust.  Everywhere.  Or perhaps it just speaks to my own housekeeping habits.  But I did a lot of dusting – books, shelves, glassware, etc.

In many ways, the dust issue represented something even deeper for me – a layer of dust that had descended upon my life.  It wasn’t until I had my old condo painted and repaired in spots – in anticipation of the sale – that I realized how I had settled into a routine of “just living with it.”  I was living with the peeling paint, the missing door knob, the chipped bath tub, the unfulfilled career path.  It’s lazy.  It’s uninspired.  And it’s not right.  Which is why the change that comes with this move is all the more meaningful to me.  No more “just living with it.”  In the words of one of my favorite R&B artists, Mary J. Blige, “It’s up to us to choose whether we win or lose and I choose to win.”  Well…I at least choose to dust more often and replace those light bulbs when they go out!

NEXT UP: The Wisconsin Film Festival – Deliberate’s reviews direct from America’s Dairyland!

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