Progress(?) Report

The “Mission Accomplished” title of my last post may have created some initial false hope.  While I thought I was being cheeky in expressing my relief at completing Script Frenzy given the recent world events, that heading would have been far more satisfying had it been followed by a post stating, “YES!  The funds for Beneath the Surface have been raised.  Let’s get those cameras rolling.”


Of course, that is not the case.  In fact, I just returned from yet another trip to America’s Dairyland to seek potential investors.  People with money have typically worked very hard to earn that money.  These are smart, ambitious, motivated men and women who are also very selective about where they place their discretionary funds.  Many of these captains of industry have established their own foundations supporting causes that are near and dear to them.  Convincing them to relinquish some of their capital to invest in my dream is not an easy sell – no matter how committed I am to bringing them a return.

Yet, what I find most encouraging are the angels who continue leading me to the potential angel investors.  One of my most helpful advocates is actually my former middle school principal –  he has been nothing but supportive and enthusiastic regarding my filmmaking adventure.  During this last trip I also met a local artist who tapped right into the excitement and angst that comes with raising money in the name of art.  As she and I talked about films and creativity and life, I realized that this expedition is bringing some very talented and exceptional human beings into my life.  That’s cool.

I knew this road was not a conventional one and I’m probably going to be on it for longer than I thought.  I may also have to consider alternate routes to take in order to reach my final destination.  Yes, I’m being a bit vague with all of these traveling metaphors, but I do have some other possibilities in the works that could ultimately fulfill my goal to make movies and bring more filmmaking to Wisconsin.  The important thing is to keep moving forward.  And appreciate the incredible people who are there to help.

"The road to success is always under construction." - Lily Tomlin


NEXT UP: The Los Angeles Film Festival is coming!

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