Wackiness in Wisconsin

The week in Wisconsin has brought forth some unexpected events.  No, Bill Gates did not show up on the Brenner doorstep – checkbook in hand – ready to launch his next career as an Executive Producer of independent, Wisconsin-based films.  However, in Madison this week a passionate group of people braved the February Midwest winter to exercise their very precious freedom of speech.   Quickly, this group escalated into a full-fledeged mass. Hundreds became thousands became tens of thousands – all marching around the state capitol and taking up space in the building’s beautiful rotunda.  Perhaps you heard about this nationally recognized, even-Jesse-Jackson-showed-up-to-support-it demonstration?

Democracy: Cheesehead-Style!

Since the participants in this protest consisted primarily of the state’s public school teachers, the side-effect to these days of demonstrations were days of no school.  NO SCHOOL.  As I mentioned in my last post, the beloved nieces were already staying with Mom & Dad this week because their parents were on vacation.  But in addition to having a week-long sleep-over with the girls, Aunt Dee Dee found herself in the role of full-time playmate Wednesday through Friday.  Oy vey!

Aunt Dee Dee Doubtfire

Luckily, I still managed to get a modicum of work done thanks to a little game I came up with called “OFFICE” – ours was called “Rockstar Productions” and while the girls fielded phone calls from Lady GaGa and Beyonce, Aunt Dee Dee could sit at her laptop and take care of actual Deliberate business (while dealing with the occasional Justin Bieber call).

I'm partial to the Justin on the right...

Hey, I was just doing my part for democracy, right?

Fight the good fight, Wisconsin unions!  And WELCOME BACK, Alicia and Jeff!

NEXT UP: Lost in Translation – Book to Film

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