2010 Farewell Tour

I have officially passed the one-week-left mark of my time of employment at Nickelodeon.  Weird.  I’m feeling mixed emotions – after all, nine+ years is a long time to be in one place.  And what a terrific place it’s been.  When I start to think about the experiences that have occurred over the past almost-decade, it’s mind-boggling.   9/11 happened.  I bought my condo.  Mr. JJ moved in…and, eventually, out.  I welcomed two furry, four-legged creatures into my life.   I experienced travel firsts: Aruba, London, Paris, Cancun, Seoul.   I started writing screenplays in earnest.   I discovered Friday Night Lights, thanks to Kev and Babs!  My sister and friends had beautiful babies.  And those are just the snapshots coming to mind at this late hour.  But still…lots of foundation-building happening.

Thanks for letting me experience this beautiful place, Nickelodeon!

Last night my boss, MKT, took me and my fellow Line Producers/Production Supervisors out to dinner as a celebratory way of sending me off into this next chapter of my life.   It was a fun, entertaining meal and a reminder of how lucky I’ve been to be surrounded by such wonderful colleagues.  MKT is a class act all the way.  I saw more of him in my first week at Nickelodeon than I did of most executives at my previous place of employment over the course of seven years.   MKT genuinely cares about the studio and its employees, and I firmly believe that his leadership style and devotion to creating an inspiring, nurturing environment trickles down into the quality work that Nickelodeon creates.  He’s a great mentor – especially as I think about my own company and how I hope to run it.  If I can lead Deliberate Productions with even a quarter of the integrity that MKT has, I should be able to achieve success.

It may take a village, but an MKT helps, too!

Oh, a quick side note to my Nick girls Moniqueeeee and the other DB, I’m grateful that we’ll still enjoy our Friday Ladies’ lunches.  Your support, wisdom, and empathy (not to mention DB’s totally infectious laugh) have kept me motivated during those occasionally challenging days/weeks/months.

And, finally, for my bloggy readers who’ve been on the edge of your seats wondering if I will be meeting Hubbell Gardner in the near future…alas, I received an e-mail today informing me that I was not chose to participate in the Sundance Screenwriters’ lab this January. <SIGH>  It was actually a pretty nice rejection letter.  Yes, Sundance stays classy!  And I can still claim bragging rights for making it past the first cut, right?

Don't worry, Mr. Redford...I know we'll meet some day!

NEXT UP: Christmas is how many days away?!?!?

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