A Bloggy Day in London Town

So I’ve spent my Thanksgiving visiting Deliberate Productions’ VP of Marketing and CFO in jolly olde England.  I’ve decided that as long as Barb and John are living in Great Britain, I will always try to come out for turkey day.  Of course, if my grand plans for the production company are realized, then they may have to re-locate to the states.  Or they’ll simply run the U.K. branch of Deliberate. (Yeah, it’s evolved into quite the international company, huh?  We now have branches in Los Angeles, London, and Madison, Wisconsin!)

Barbara and John live in a really lovely neighborhood known as Hammersmith.  It reminds me of my own Pasadena – lots of charming architecture, natural beauty, and nice shops and restaurants.  As Barbara and I walk back and forth from her local tube station, I’ve been ruminating on my London experience. Some not-terribly-deep observations:

Even when it’s sunny out, people here do not seem to wear sunglasses.  Is that because shades are only associated with temperatures above sixty-five degrees?  All I know is that I felt woefully “LA” while wearing my sunglasses here.

If Posh can wear them, why can't I?

I love the general politeness you encounter.  Even the street signs are refined.  Example: “Any person who does not clean up after their dog has fouled the pathway is subject to prosecution.”  In Pasadena I get art renderings of dogs squatting in a just-about-to-poop position with a big cross-mark through them. <SIGH>  I’ll take the “no fouling” signage, thank you.

Okay! I get it!

Landmark Royal Weddings = Day Off from Work.  Count me in!  I love a good wedding!

Congrats, you two crazy kids! Thanks for the "bank holiday!"

Thanksgiving turkey is particularly yummy with thick slabs of bacon draped over it.  While the bacon gets crispy, the drippings from it keep the meat moist and delicious.  A hearty thanks to Barb and John’s local butcher!


I think I like the idea of an open work space, which is very common here.  Guess it’s all part of that crazy Socialism, eh?  At Barbara’s non-Deliberate job, the office floor resembles a newspaper room in that everyone sits at open work stations.  No cubicle walls, no offices, just a couple of separate meeting rooms.  I appreciate that this layout sort of keeps everyone focused and accountable.  Yeah, it’s not so great if you’re surfing Facebook a lot…or trying to keep from nodding off after the previous evening’s Thanksgiving feast…but it does seem to lend itself to more productivity.

"Is Deirdre *still* doing her football picks?"

However, I do not think I’d last through the winters here.  Not because of the cold, mind you, but because a grey, chilly day radically increases the desire for warm, carb-laden comfort food.  I’ve discovered that shepherd’s pie is a small pot of heaven: spicy lamb meat topped with a layer of mashed potatoes.  And it’s also one of the reasons why my waistline has expanded during this trip.  Yep, I think it’s time to get back to La-La land for a brutal reunion with my treadmill.

Curse you, evil Shepherd!

NEXT UP: The Best Laid Plans…

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