And So It Begins

Despite a cancelled flight that delayed my arrival by five hours, I finally made it to Austin, Texas late yesterday afternoon.  First impression of the town: a good way.  Second impression: Am I really in Texas?  I look forward to exploring the town more in the coming week…that is, when I’m not filling my head with all things film and writing related.

I’m here for the Austin Film Festival.  The festival also features a conference for screenwriters, so I’ll be taking advantage of many of the panels offered.  Today I’ll be sitting in on Complex Characters: A Conversation with Lawrence Kasdan.  Yeah, LAWRENCE KASDAN – the guy who wrote RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and BODY HEAT.  I will try to resist the temptation to rush the stage and gush over how formative THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was for me when I saw it (oh so many times) as a young lass.  It introduced me to sharp, dynamic storytelling AND Harrison Ford!

Later this weekend I’ll be attending a panel featuring Michael Arndt (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, TOY STORY 3) discussing Endings: The Good, the Bad, and the Insanely Great.  Apparently this panel was a big favorite at last year’s festival.  I know I’ll learn a lot and it will help me as I eye making a few adjustments to the ending of BENEATH THE SURFACE.  I fear I’ve hit critical mass with the melodrama – it must be removed!

And then there are the films…so many interesting-looking films to check out.

But, I must  get to the festival’s opening event, so I’ll have to update y’all later. (See?  The Texas is already rubbing off on me!)

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