Deliberating the Donald

As I enter the final week of this Wisconsin visit, I am shocked at how quickly the month has flown by.  And I’ve been a bit discouraged by the slowing momentum of Deliberate Productions to get more financing in place for BENEATH THE SURFACE.  While I have made immense progress during my time here to ensure that my nieces will look after me in my golden years (remember all of those visits to the ice cream store, girls?), it appears that the investor hunt will continue…and continue…and continue.  Let’s just hope I get the financing secured before I am wearing dentures and sensible shoes.

I start to feel like these posts are a broken record of the challenges I’m encountering followed by the much-needed you-can-do-it-pep-talks/reminders that most filmmakers go through these ups and downs.  So I apologize if you feel like you’re sharing a bi-polar journey with me.  Hey, at the very least you’re getting an up-close-and-personal look at the triumphs and frustrations of the filmmaking process.  Well, it’s not even filmmaking yet – it’s fundraising.  And that was always bound to be the biggest obstacle, wasn’t it?

For some reason, Donald Trump is the person I’ve been thinking of lately when I’m looking for the fortitude to keep calm and carry on.  Now I’m not really a fan of the Donald and his antics (particularly when they focus on faux birth certificate accusations), but these days I can appreciate how the force of his personality has enabled him to achieve his tremendous success.  You get the feeling that those around him are simply living in the Donald’s world – if anyone can brush off rejection it must be Trump.  Granted, I don’t think achieving success and treating people decently are mutually exclusive, but there’s something to be said for possessing unadulterated nerve.  One of Trump’s philosophies is, “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”  Yeah, it’s always about perseverance and continually looking and moving forward.  And in a world that is remaking FOOTLOOSE and DIRTY DANCING, surely there’s room for a lil’ ol’ film called BENEATH THE SURFACE, right?

Really, Hollywood? REALLY?!?

So that’s why EP Dad and I continue to strategize over how to best present this investment opportunity.  By constantly absorbing the highs and lows and recalibrating our game plan, my hope is that we’re getting that much closer to reaching our goal.

"If you're gonna think anyway, THINK BIG, DLB!"

( But, first, it’s time to take my nieces out for a quick ice cream!)

NEXT UP: Los Angeles Goals

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