Hello, World!

Hello, indeed.  As we wrap up another 4th of July, it seems appropriate that I, Deirdre Lynn Brenner, am declaring my creative “independence” via this newly established blog.  I recently decided to start a production company, Deliberate Productions, so that I may finally pursue my lifelong dream to produce films.  I LOVE movies and I especially love the the collective experience that comes with seeing an original and exciting piece of cinema.

The basics: I’ve written a script called Beneath the Surface and I want to produce it next summer in Wisconsin. (Ah, if only it were really that basic.)  After sixteen rewarding years in the animation industry, I know my way around production schedules and budgets; but, as I dive into this new world of limited-liability companies, business plans, branding, fundraising, marketing, distribution, etc., I realize that this is gonna be one long, strange trip – one that fills me with both excitement and terror.  (Mostly excitement, though!)

As my friends and family know, I’ve resisted this whole social networking thing for a while.  Then I attended a recent seminar at the LA Film Festival where some really bright people (including prolific indie film producer Ted Hope and super-smart filmmaker/mixed-media guru Lance Weiler) talked about the benefits these digital platforms bring in terms of raising awareness and enriching the filmmaker-audience relationship.  I have now seen the light, and it comes in the form of tweets and Facebook friends.

So, I invite you to join me on this journey.  I will use this blog to chronicle the movie-making adventure ahead and, hopefully, inspire others who may be considering a similar path; together we can figure out the process and the pitfalls.  I also think the blog will keep me focused and accountable – you’re not just valued readers, you’re my future audience.  I’d better produce something, right?  And, finally, you can expect a fair amount of chat about films, screenwriting, and creative stuff in general.  I’m lucky to know a lot of incredible writers, artists, and overall cool people, so let’s keep the conversation going in a constructive and positive way. (Which means that I will exercise my right to omit comments that might be considered offensive…or mean…or just plain dumb.  Yeah, I get to do that.)

While there are many learning experiences ahead, the one thing I know with certainty is that I can’t achieve this goal alone.  I’m extremely grateful that you’re here.

Now let’s make a movie!

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