Loving London

Time for TRAVEL!

This will be a lazy blog post where I mostly share pictures of my so-recent-they’re-still-happening travels.  It’s tough work being a jet-setter, but someone’s gotta do it.  This first installment will cover the sights seen in London.  After that, PARIS!

Away we go…

The (blurry) Tower Bridge

We visited Greenwich University and explored the beautiful Painted Hall (seen below).  What was particularly exciting about this stop was that just outside the building Chris Hemsworth was shooting the sequel to THOR.  Another gorgeous sight!

The Painted Hall…featuring THOR just on the other side of it!

A quick weekend in Oxford brought us to Blenheim Palace, family home of Winston Churchill.  Sheep and pheasants wandered the grounds of this gigantic estate.

Downton Abbey x 100 = Blenheim Palace

Of course, once back in London we had to ride one of those famous double-decker buses…

Upper Deck View

And, finally, there was Harrods.  I met my sister here so we could pick up some final Thanksgiving items; therefore, I was conquering the tube on my own and when I came out of the station I turned left in the hopes that it was the correct way.  Would I be able to find the store?  Would I recognize it?

I turned the corner and came upon this…

Where is it?

Yep, there it was in all of its massively-lit splendor.  Thanks for the clue, Harrods.

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