As teased at the end of my last entry, I am blogging from another remote and exciting location: NEW YORK CITY!

"Start spreading the news..."

I always love coming here.  There’s an energy to this city that latches onto you from the get-go.  I arrived this past Saturday on a perfect sunny morning.  Admittedly, post-9/11, it’s still kind of eerie to land at LaGuardia because you coast along right next to the incomplete skyline on your way in.  But, still…the moment you see the Statue of Liberty, followed by the recognizable hub that is lower Manhattan, you know you’re witnessing something special.

I have to confess that this has been a bit of a weird visit.  Fast and fractured (and certainly not helped by the red-eye flight that kicked things off), I have found this trip a blur.  I did get to see a pretty awesome avant-garde puppet show that featured one of my dear friends, Ed, and his puppety take on Lizzie Borden.  I had no expectations going into this live performance and I was suitably impressed.  The depths of creativity that people can tap into never ceases to amaze me.

I also got to enjoy some wonderful jazz last night where Deliberate’s illustrious VP Barb, my dinner companions, and I sat mere feet away from a trio of highly entertaining musicians.  Talk about the quintessential New York experience – decadent lobster raviloli accompanied by live jazz?!?  Yeah, I could get used to this life.

A little Duke Ellington with your Pinot Grigio?

But, I have bigger issues to consider.  For tomorrow I head to Wisconsin – sight of future fundraising.  Except the fundraising events that EP Dad and I had planned have now been “postponed.”  For it seems that investing in my filmmaking adventure is not all that enticing to a certain population of investors.  And, believe me, I get it.  I’m asking a generally fiscally conservative crowd to consider a particularly high-risk investment.  While there are a few who are willing to entertain the risk (and potential rewards), there aren’t enough to warrant a full wine-and-cheese shindig.  So, EP Dad and I are scaling things down and putting more focus on the potential one-on-one meetings that we can arrange.

I’m recognizing that collecting cash for this filmmaking adventure is gonna be a marathon instead of a sprint.  But I’m not going to be deterred.  I have orthotics in my running shoes…I can go the distance.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Kev! (It’s still 10/4 on the left coast!)

NEXT UP: An update from the land of the Cheeseheads!

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