Random Acts of Human Kindness

I was at the vet today to bring my cat in for her mani-pedi.  I prefer to remain on good terms with my feline, Sophia, which is why I leave her nail trimming to the professionals.  As I was at the front desk settling the bill for her mini-spa treatment, a woman came in holding a fluffy white dog wrapped in a blanket.  There was an intensity about her and one of the technicians behind the desk picked up on it and immediately attended to her.  The woman said she was there to put the dog to sleep.


I could feel my chest tighten.  My throat constricted.  The tears began to well up.  Oh God…it’s that inevitable heartbreak that comes with being a pet owner.  I was instantly overwhelmed with sadness for this woman and her dog.

The technician directed the woman to take a seat while they pulled together a room in the back.  I stole a few glances at this tearful lady cradling her dog – our eyes never met, but I so wanted to express my sympathies.

Meanwhile, another pet owner came into the reception room.  She had been in the back where the vets see their patients – no doubt, she had an animal who was being treated.  She exchanged a few words with one of the staff before taking a seat in the reception area.  At some point, she must have noticed the distressed woman and her dog.  Suddenly she went over to where the woman was sitting and sat down next to her, putting her arm around the woman.  It was clear that these two ladies had never met, which made this lovely gesture of compassion all the more moving and poignant.  They talked a bit until a technician arrived to bring the woman and her dog to the back.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  -Aesop

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