Scripting in the Sunshine State

As my gypsy life would have it, I have made an unexpected trip to Florida.  One benefit of being self-employed with a mobile office is that I can do my work from anywhere.  And, luckily, I have a very flexible boss. (She makes a pretty good martini, too!)  I’m also grateful that good old Mr. JJ is house and pet sitting for me.  I just hope he’s not making too much noise while watching the Mavericks-Heat playoffs – I have new neighbors to consider now.

Please remember to feed us during halftime, Mr. JJ!

I figure I will take advantage of my low-key time here and give some attention to creative pursuits.  I have scripts to read that friends have passed along to me and I also want to focus on my own writing.  My coming-of-age monster movie needs another pass (thanks to notes received by my Gotham Writers’ Workshop classmates and VPs Barb and John) and I also have another script that I’m this close to finishing.  I really have no excuse not to work on this stuff since my days here are pretty mellow and absent of the usual SoCal amusements: friends, pets, Blu-Ray, etc.

I do miss you, beloved Blu!

Let’s see how productive I am, shall we?

NEXT UP: Script Status

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