Scattered Start, Fantastic Finish

As I settle into this life of self-employment, I’m getting a good sense of my overall work patterns.  Why is it my productivity level evaporates during the time period between 1:30 and 3:00 p.m.?  I think I would adjust to European life quite easily because the idea of a post-lunch “siesta” is totally appealing to me.  When can I open Deliberate’s Barcelona office?

My kinda place! (Especially after lunch...)

Last week ended up being a bit of a blur; hence this delinquent blog post.  Why did it end up feeling like a lost week?  Well…

Believe it or not, my dear condo is still on the market.  And I recently had another round of hope emerge in the form of an interested buyer.   Hooray! Unfortunately, that hope was soundly crushed last Monday when the “interest” turned to “no longer interested.”  Phooey!  I know it’s a tough housing market, but the false starts are a killer.  How many times do I need to envision boxing up my kitchen until I’m actually doing it? (Then again, do I really want to even think about packing away all of those precious martini glasses?)

Is there room for them all?

My ex was back in town for a final visit before he embarks on a European adventure for the next couple of months. (A BIG THANKS to VPs Barb and John for giving Mr. JJ a flat to crash in when he’s in London.)  Unfortunately, Mr. JJ forgot one important – no, make that CRITICAL – detail when planning his overseas travels: updating his passport.  So his visit with me became unexpectedly extended.  Which is why I found myself driving him to LA’s Federal Building on Friday morning. <SIGH>  I did get a pretty bouquet of flowers out of the deal, though.  (And I’m relieved to report that Mr. JJ and his new passport made it safely across the pond.)

Don't leave home without it!

However, I did have some welcome respites during the week.  I spent time with a couple of former colleagues, so it was nice catching up with them. (Don’t forget to check out Wendy & Lucy, JF!)  And I spent this past weekend in glorious Palm Springs with my eternally fun friend (and hostess with the mostest) DeeZee.

But I think what helped the week close on a SUPER high note was this…


Well done, Green Bay Packers!   You made America’s Dairyland proud!

NEXT UP: Deliberating over Deliberate’s Business

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