So Long, Sunshine!

As I await my flight back to La-La land, I figured I’d offer up a few of my not-so-deep reflections on this little sojourn to the Sunshine State:

1) To Dr. Weil of Origins Skincare: Your “Night Health” face cream is, indeed, “skin-building”…that is, if you want your skin to explode like a red, blistery blowfish, which is what my face experienced my first night in Florida.  Luckily, a much cuter doctor, Dr. Mark, injected me with steroids and my visage returned back to its normal, unpuffy, growing-old-gracefully self.

Don't let that daisy deceive's the face cream of the DEVIL!!!

2) To the person who now has my driver license in their possession: Yes, I stupidly lost it somehow at the Clearwater Mall.  Maybe you were able to hit a fun nightclub in Tampa Bay while passing as a 42-year-old woman from SoCal?  If so, I hope you had a blast.  Please don’t steal my identity.  Unless you can raise money for Beneath the Surface.  Then go for it.

3) To Reynolds and Eleanor Morse: Thanks for supporting Salvador Dali.  Benefactors like you give artists like him total freedom to create.  It’s a financial gesture that winds up being a greater gift than you probably even expected because now the whole world benefits from it.  Worth every penny.

Dali's Angel Investors

4) To Eddy Val: Although a lovely storyteller has left us, the legacy of his narrative talents live on through *you*.  You’re in my thoughts.

5) To Myself: You could have gotten more writing done, Lady.  So take advantage of the four-and-a-half hour plane ride ahead.  If not now, WHEN?

My Office in the Sky

5) To my host: The generosity of your heart is what will continue to keep it strong.  I’m glad we got to hang out together – and you even let me stay after my Mavericks beat your Heat!  Now that’s cardiacal fortitude!

6) To the alligator that’s a resident of the neighborhood I power-walked through every day: Thanks for not making an appearance.  Really.  I mean it.

Yeah, I'm fine with us never crossing paths...

Adios, Sunshine State!  Thanks for the memories.


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