Sweating It Out

I survived the sweltering sunny heat of Wisconsin and have returned to the cool breezes of Los Angeles.  Wait a minute?  What did I just type?

Yes, another trip to the land of beer & bratwurst has come and gone.  As always, it was great to spend time with my family – especially my nieces and new nephew.  The girls are an endless source of entertainment and after spending a few days monitoring their activities at the neighborhood swimming pool, I think I’ve found material for a new screenplay.  Between the hunky lifeguards, hot mommies, and sugar-fueled splashers (does the Snack Shack really need to sell ice cream drumsticks at ten in the morning?), the place was a flashpoint of steamy summer recreation. (Although the steaminess was probably due to the fact that it was so bloody hot.  Triple digits, Wisconsin?  Really?!?)

Hot – and I mean meteor HOT – fun in the summertime

I’ve only been back in LA for a couple of days and good things seem to be happening, so I’ve been a busy gal.  Therefore, while I’ll try to make these blog posts more frequent, I will no doubt need to make them shorter.

The actress I told you about a couple of posts ago has not read BENEATH THE SURFACE yet because she just landed a role in a major film – and by “major” I mean that the cost of craft services could probably fund BENEATH THE SURFACE – so she’s on location for the shoot.  But it sounds like she’ll be reading the script soon and my unexpected-yet-welcome task today was to draft a letter to her explaining why she MUST take the role of Jessica.  Now that’s the kind of writing I can really get into!

For the love of Ashby, please grace us with your presence!!!

Here’s hoping my powers of persuasion go further than convincing my nieces to bypass the drumstick and go for the sun chips at the Snack Shack. (I was successful on that front, though, so maybe I have a chance with this remarkable madame?)


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