Regular Rejection: My New Normal

Remarkable Madame has passed on the role of Jessica.  Her manager sent Andy a lovely Dear John e-mail expressing good vibes for the BTS script, but explaining that the timing just isn’t right since she’s got a series going into production and she’s just come off of a bunch of indie films, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  As my director JJ (not to be confused with ex-boyfriend JJ) pointed out, at least the project is moving in circles where it’s taken seriously and people are responding to it. Yes.

And weird as it sounds, I wasn’t all that bummed about the news.  Don’t get me wrong – Remarkable Madame is a fantastic actress and would have been incredible in the role.  Maybe I’m just getting more comfortable with the rejection roller coaster?  It’s become a normal pattern in my life.  One week I’ll get exciting news from a big industry contest only to be followed by an e-mail that a script of mine hasn’t even placed in a small, obscure contest.  I’ll have a terrific correspondence with a potential investor and then be met with total radio silence from another one.  I think at some point I’ve realized that the only healthy mental place for all of these up-and-down, high-and-low developments is a zen state of mind.

And recent events – specifically in Aurora, Colorado – are a good reminder about keeping perceived “challenges” in perspective.  In terms of life’s hard knocks, I have nothing to complain about.  As I came in from walking the dogs this morning and contemplated the day – my day – ahead, I offered up thanks to the universe for the fact that I’m healthy and mobile and surrounded by supportive family/friends/pets and that I do get to live this life each day.

Keep calm and carry on.

I really support you when it’s time for dinner, DLB!

And so we’re carrying on to another talented lady.  Here’s hoping Crazygood Actress is the one!

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