The Week in Review: A Pictorial Journey

Yes, I admit it.  I’m feeling a little lethargic about this blog entry, so I figured I’d catch you up via pictures this week.  Here’s what went down with dlb…

MONDAY: My first day back in La-La land, so I caught up on my bills and bonded with the pets.

Living the dream...right?


TUESDAY: Kevin and I saw Tina Fey and Steve Martin “in conversation” at the Nokia Theater in downtown LA.  It’s part of a “Live Talks Los Angeles” Series that features various notables talking about notable stuff.   I’m not sure if the moderator is always as funny as Steve Martin, but I’m curious to check out more of these events.  In this case Tina Fey was there to discuss her new book Bossypants which catalogues her impressive comedic career.  Watching these two exceptionally talented people banter back and forth and talk about the business that is show was both entertaining and inspirational.  Thanks for inviting me, Kev!

Tina Fey & Steve Martin: Funny People Talking About Funny


WEDNESDAY: Matching bedroom furniture arrives.  I get to put it together.  And here I thought my IKEA days were behind me?

SOME assembly required, my butt!


THURSDAY: The panic/pressure/FRENZY of Script Frenzy.  The clock is ticking since the contest is over at the end of the month. (Yes, as in next weekend.)  I’m not even at the halfway point, but I did make some progress.  Plus, it felt great to be in the writing zone again.  Of course, my enthusiasm will change when I go back and read the pages I spewed out this week, but ignorance is bliss for now!



FRIDAY: What better way to end the week than to hang out with my good pal JoJo and watch The Horrors of Spider Island as reviewed by Mike, Tom Servo, and Crow of Mystery Science Theater 3000?  Painfully funny.   Many of the MST3K episodes are available at your local internet rental store so check them out, movie-lovers!  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel pretty good about your own talents as compared to the dreck you’ll witness on screen. (I Accuse my Parents and Manos: Hands of Fate are two of my favorites.)

So bad it's good!


NEXT UP: The Frenzy Finish Line?

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