Winding Down from the Windy City

Yes, the Brenner girls (and friends Jenny and Jodi) took windy, rainy, chilly Chicago by storm this weekend – and I’m proud to say we CONQUERED it.  Of course, I was sad to miss the 10-year Anniversary Party for The Fairly OddParents that was happening simultaneously in Los Angeles, but your sister only turns 40 once, right? (Ah, Alicia, I feel your pain.  Oh wait…I mean, age ain’t nothin’ but a number!!!  Live it up, sis!)

Happy Anniversary, Fairies! You look terrific at TEN!

The weekend was filled with food and drink – and shopping by those who are gainfully employed (gainfully employed = not me) – and it was nice to be surrounded by the beauty of this special city.  I went to college outside of Chicago and VP Barbara lived here for a few years (in fact, it’s where she met CFO John), so I have a lot of fondness for all that the city has to offer.  For my foodie friends out there (Moniqueeeee!), we had two incredible dinners: on Friday night we went to SushiSambaRio which offered a fusion of Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian dishes (I know it sounds weird, but it was delicious!) and on Saturday night we enjoyed some serious gourmet food at North Pond in gorgeous Lincoln Park.  Celebrating forty certainly has its privileges.

Extreme Fine Dining

So now I return to La-La land.  And it’s definitely time to get back.  I think two-and-a-half weeks was a bit too long for me to be away this particular visit, especially so soon after moving into my new place.  For the past few days my head space has been cluttered, distracted, disoriented – yeah, I didn’t quite bring a consistently celebratory A-game with me to Chicago and I feel very bad about that.  (Please forgive me, travel companions!)  I think  I need a healthy dose of my dog and my cat and my pals and my Blu-Ray player.  I need to get back to the business of Deliberate business.  Oh yeah, and I have about 90 pages to go in order to complete Script Frenzy at the end of the month. <GULP!>  And have I mentioned the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship that requires submissions by May 2nd? (Check it out, Screenwriters:  Yeah, the next couple of weeks are gonna be busy…but restorative.

And then I’m back to Wisconsin as the hunt for investors continues! <Oy Vey!>

NEXT UP: State of the Union: What’s the buzz, Deliberate?

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