Which Comes First? The Talent or the Money?

A couple of weeks ago I had a terrific meeting with the casting director I hope to have working on BENEATH THE SURFACE (remember lovely “CD” from my 7.28.11 post?) and we’re starting to think about talent to potentially pursue for the film.  Getting an actor or actress interested in one of the lead roles could be enormously helpful as I continue to seek more financing.  Of course, there’s a chicken-and-egg aspect to the process – actors (or, more specifically, their representatives) are reluctant to be attached to a film if financing isn’t fully in place, but investors may be hesitant to pony up the dollars if there’s no talent attached.  Yeah, it continues to amaze me that any indie film gets made.  But they do get made and they often have that one champion behind it who is able to seal the deal.

Will Taylor Kitsch be my champion?

After JOHN CARTER you may want to cleanse your palate with a nice indie, TK!

Okay, okay, I’m not that deluded to think I could land him.  But it is exciting to think about the possibilities out there! 
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