2012: A New Hope

I just perused the titles of my 2011 blog posts to reflect on all of the happenings in my life, and the life of Deliberate Productions, over the past twelve months.  Made slow but steady inroads with potential investors?  Check.  Sold condo?  Check.  Attended four film festivals?  Check.  Expanded new friend/contact list exponentially?  Check.  Embarked on lots of travel that’s enabled me to bond further with my nieces while alienating my pets?  Check.

Yes, it’s been an eventful year with it’s share of ups and downs.  But on this New Year’s Eve I find myself feeling hopeful about what’s to come in 2012.  And grateful for those of you who continue to support me through your words of advice, supplies of laughter, and shakers of potent martinis.  So while I’ll offer deeper and (hopefully) more pithy reflections in my first blog post of 2012, for now I just want to wish you all a very genuine and heartfelt HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2012 Sydney Style!

Let’s make our dreams come true!

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