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Celebration Cycle

Recently the Brenner clan descended on Pittsburgh to pay our respects to my Mother’s brother who passed away last month. Uncle Jim was only sixty-four, which made this unexpected loss feel all the more premature and painful. For those of … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For

This year marks my third year attending the Austin Film Festival.  Once again, I am looking forward to full days and nights of enlightening panels and animated analysis with my fellow writers. (The latter of which will probably happen around … Continue reading

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Magnificently Fierce

The results of various screenwriting contests are starting to roll in and, as usual, it’s a typically subjective bag of placements for ol’ DLB.  I was happy to see my SONS OF ANARCHY spec script land in the top 10% … Continue reading

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Long Term Delights

On the heels of my recent film festival recaps, I saved two of my absolute favorite films for their own post.  As you know, summer is not my go-to cinema season, but I do always manage to find a few … Continue reading

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Color Me Gobsmacked!

What an interesting few weeks it’s been.  I have once again been riding on the screenwriting contest roller coaster.  Fortunately, I’m hitting more highs than lows at the moment. BLACK SEA ROSE is a script I co-wrote with my friend … Continue reading

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Sheer Authenticity

The Los Angeles Film Fest did not disappoint this year.  When all was said and done, I saw over twenty films in the course of ten days.  I’m telling you, if there’s a job for a professional film festival attendee, … Continue reading

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Grazing on Cinema

Once again, I had the pleasure of attending two of my favorite film festivals in 2013 – The Wisconsin Film Festival and the LA Film Fest.  I have neglected to post about some of the great movies I’ve encountered at … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Notes

I recently met a pair of showrunners who impressed me with their intelligence, insight, and great sense of humor regarding this business.  One of the topics we discussed was the process of receiving notes.  I’m sure the majority of we … Continue reading

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SPECulations – Part Three: The Final Chapter

The 52-page SONS OF ANARCHY spec script I had crafted and struggled over in a two-week frenzy was now on the brink of obliteration, all due to an FX website feature known as an appisode.  (The recap: SPECulations – Part … Continue reading

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When last we left, I had just about finished the first draft of my SONS OF ANARCHY spec (SPECulations – Part One).  Sure there was still plenty to tackle going into my final week of writing, but at least I … Continue reading

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